Government Leadership Forum


  • The Government Leaders Forum provides a venue for secretary generals and senior executives at ministries, government agencies, and commissions to meet and share knowledge and experiences, learn about latest developments in various areas, and discuss key issues pertaining to public interest. The forum serves as a capacity building tool and strengthens policy and decision-making in the public sector.

    • To date, the forum has convened 14 times, addressing a wide range of frontline issues, as follows:

      • Hosting the Royal Committee for Enhancing the National Integrity System to talk about the system (Charter and Executive Plan).
      • Discussing the government performance improvement plan as well as the assessment reports of the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency.
      • Hosting the Jordanian Minister of Finance to talk about the fiscal reform program, fiscal policies and the General Budget Law of 2014.
      • Hosting the Prime Minister, minister of interior, minister of Industry and Trade, minister of municipal affairs and minister of planning and international development in the presence of minister of public sector development; to talk about  local development in governorates.
      • Overviewing Singapore's experience in developing public service and civil service. On the sidelines of the event, MOPSD introduced the new framework for managing and assessing the performance of senior leaders in the public sector. Roger Tan, assistant CEO at Singapore's Civil Service College was hosted to review his country's journey towards becoming a leading public service provider.
      • Reviewing Ireland's experience in  the field of reform and controlling public spending. The meeting hosted Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform in the Republic of Ireland Brendan Howlin, Robert Watt, secretary general of the Irish department of public expenditure and reform, and Joe Geoghegan, president of the Arab-Irish Chamber of commerce and the Honorary Consul of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
      • Discussing Finland's experience in the field of public administration and public sector reform as well as the policies and tools  used  by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in this regard. The meeting hosted former Finland's prime minister and OECD's Deputy Secretary General Mari Kiviniemi.
      • Minister of Public Sector Development Dr. Khleef Al Khawaldeh presented Jordan's status on major international indicators prepared by the ministry.
      • Reviewing women empowerment in the civil service sector, in the light of the study conducted by the MOPSD during the first quarter of 2015.
      • Hosting Transparency International Managing Director Cobus de Swardt to address instilling principles of transparency, fighting corruption and improving public administration performance. the meeting also discussed the national population and housing census of 2015.
      • Hosting Max Everest-Phillips, Director of the UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence (GCPSE) to talk about "Public Administration Reform: Motivation and Foresight."
      • reviewing and discussing the results of overall performance of public agencies that took part in the awards organized by King Abdullah II Centre for Excellence (KACE).
      • Hosting Mr. Jimmy Gordon director of Inspirational Development Group (IDG) in the Middle East and Mr. Craig Preston, the managing director, to talk about "Best Practices in Leadership and Government Services Development."
      • View and discuss performance indicators of government executive program prepared by MOPSD in cooperation with Prime Ministry's Delivery Unit. Monitoring of mechanisms of work progress and achievement of KPIs were also discussed in addition to other issues, updates and procedures related to public administration development.