Central Government Complaints Management System

Guided by the directives of His Excellency the Prime Minister, the central government complaints management system was established on 11/04/2011 to meet the need for a central entity that follows up on citizens’ complaints directly with all concerned government agencies, and assesses agencies’ commitment to solving complaints to the extent available resources allow.
The management and maintenance of the system is supervised by the Government Complaints Management Unit at the MOPSD’s Government Services Improvement Directorate. The unit receives citizens’ complaints on services provided by government departments, corporations, and municipalities and follows up with the National Contact Center. The system generates monthly reports that provide basis for setting performance indicators and making appropriate decisions to reduce citizens’ complaints and address negative trends in a practical and evidence-based approach, in line with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II for better government services achieved by listening to citizens, taking their suggestions into account and considering them as key partners in developing government services. The Central Complaints Management system serves as a central outlet that guarantees the confidentiality of complaints and ensures that they are handled in a professional and transparent manner upon verification of the complainant’s identity through databases linked to the system.

Submitting Complaints


Complaints can be submitted by calling the National Contact Center at telephone number (06) 5008080, Sundays through Thursdays, from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The following steps illustrate how complaints are submitted and processed:

•    Complainants call the National Contact Center and select number (3) for government complaints.

•    Using an electronic template developed specifically for the purpose, NCC officer verifies the identity of the caller and obtains basic information about the nature of the complaint, location, and the entity against which the complaint is made.

•    A number is assigned to the complaint and sent by text message to the caller. The number can be used to track and inquire about the complaint.

•    The system registers the complaint in the special account of the concerned government agency and notifies its officer by text and electronic messages.

•    Upon receiving the notification, the officer at the concerned government agency enters the system to check the complaint and verify that it is relevant to the agency, and coordinates with technical directorates to set a timeline for solving and responding to the complaint.

•    Once the complaint is solved, the officer at the concerned government agency closes the complaint’s file on the system, which will automatically send a message to the complainant informing them that they can call NCC for a detailed response.

Complaints can also be lodged on MOPSD’s website using the system’s complaints form. The procedure is as follows:

•    The complainant fills out the specific complaints form and chooses either text messages or electronic messages to be notified when the complaint is solved.

•    Upon receiving notification of a complaint, the officer at the government agency against which the complaint is submitted enters the system to check the complaint and ensure that it is relevant to the agency, and coordinates with concerned technical directorates to determine the needed timeframe for solving the complaint and sending a response.  

•    Once the complaint is solved, the officer at the concerned agency closes the complaint file on the system, which will automatically send a notification to inform the person that the complaint has been solved.