Mission, Vision and Values
National Objective: Better Government Delivering Better Results

Our Vision:
A Results oriented, effective, transparent and accountable government that serves citizens.

Our Mission:

To enable sectors, ministries and government departments to focus on their core missions and responsibilities, develop and implement policies and procedures that reflect national priorities, ensure the optimal utilization of financial resources and focus on results. This is done by reviewing and developing the organizational structure of the public sector, improving public services, and developing human and financial resources based on the standards of excellence and tools that enhance accountability, transparency, decentralization and partnerships with the private sector and civil society organizations.

Strategic Objectives:

•    Align policies, programs and projects with national goals and priorities
•    Build a skilled and competent workforce that meets the actual needs of government
•    Develop an agile, transparent, efficient, effective and harmonized organizational structure for the government
•    Provide more effective and transparent government services that achieve national goals
•    Support policy formulation and decision-making processes
•    Ingrain a culture of innovation and excellence in the public sector
•    Foster awareness of the objectives of the public sector development program and mobilize support of ministries, governmental institutions, the general public, the media, civil society institutions, and donors.